4 takeaways from The Smart City Week

April 21, 2023

Last month, Sirus was present at the Smart City Week in The BeaconBrecht Van de Vyvere gave a tutorial of dataspaces powered by LDES and Justien De Roose was sitting in on the panel discussion about The Flemish Data Utility Company and Flanders Technology & Innovation. In this blog post, we share our 4 key takeaways from this Smart City Week.

Did you know…

“Smart cities” are more relevant than ever and when it comes to Flanders, more aligned than ever: thanks to the Flemish Government & Flanders Digital, the ground rules are being established for an open & shared data landscape taking into account the principles of open data, standardization, and semantics.

Food for thought during the panel debate, seated by Bjorn De Vidts, CEO of Het Vlaams Datanutsbedrijf, Barbara Van den Haute, Microsoft Public Sector Lead, Olivier van Raemdonck, spokesperson for Jan Jambon, and our own Justien De Roose representing the members of the Beacon community. During this panel debate, the 2 main topics were the Data Utility Company (Het Vlaams Datanutsbedrijf) and FTI, Flanders Technology & Innovation. Conclusion of this debate: there’s clearly still much to discuss on these topics and how we as expert software companies can play a role in these initiatives.


The cities of Bruges and Ghent are collaborating to better understand the true value of Local Open data Economies and are still looking for input. They are conducting research through a questionnaire, which is still ongoing. Your insights are more than welcome right here.

Sirus and Geosparc got started with the Flemish building blocks and more specifically with the LDES components. In a couple of days, we managed to set up a (proof of concept, of course) platform, incorporating data from GIPOD onto an Azure Data platform set up in just minutes through the Azure Marketplace. Eager to find out more? Don’t hesitate to reach out or immediately take a look at the marketplace.

Yet again, The Beacon managed to gather a diverse audience with people active in cities, local and federal governments, public institutions and, of course, the companies representing the Beacon. A Big thank you to the community for the organization of this great event! We are already looking forward to next year’s edition!

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