Ben Desmet Data Analyst at Sirus

Ben’s first months at Sirus: “As a data analyst, I offer companies added value”

November 21, 2022

I started working at Sirus in April, 2022. I got to know the company thanks to my thesis at the UGent on analyzing data from data sensors. My topic of choice for this thesis resulted in a close collaboration with Sirus CEO Gert De Tant.

The unboarding process: setting foot on unknown grounds

When Jochen contacted me, his tone was promptly spontaneous and welcoming. I liked that spirit! His optimism helped pull me aboard (you could almost say he carried me over his shoulder into the Sirus-spaceship 😉 ). Before I came to Sirus, I was working at a larger corporation and it was difficult to bring about change there. At Sirus, I felt I could really mean something and genuinely see the impact of my work. Jochen clarified that the company is all about quality over quantity. So, I was honored to be picked out to join this crew.

Another positive side of my switch to Sirus was the fact the company did not yet have a data analyst working for them. I would be the first. Initially, I thought I might had to retrain to become an engineer, but Sirus immediately saw the potential of my experience in and knowledge of data science.

My job as a data analyst

But what have I actually been doing at Sirus these last few months? As a data analyst, I analyze the data a company possesses and look for valuable insights. For instance, I might look for data which gives me more information on how to reduce the costs/the energy consumed in the organization. I always try to create added value for an enterprise. I analyze their data in collaboration with people who know the company through and through. Together we come up with the best way to make use of this data.

Right now, I’m working on a project in the port of Antwerp-Bruges. There, I’m creating a dashboard to achieve more efficiency in the port’s operational activities.

By analyzing a company's data, I can reduce their energy costs and thereby create added value for this company.

Convincing the non-data-believers

What I like about working at Sirus is the challenge of working in different unknown sectors. When I start on a new project, I need a few weeks to study what’s happening there, how everything works and which processes and structures are in place. Right now, at my job at the port of Antwerp-Bruges, there are so many people with a different vision and perspective on that same port and it’s my job, and exciting challenge, to align these perspectives. Convincing the non-data-believers that sometimes data actually does know better than them, is probably one of my favorite job parts.

Traveling at light speed: a vision of the future

When I look forward, into my future at Sirus, I hope to use data science, machine learning and AI more often. What’s it look like on the inside and how do we apply it in a business context? Experiencing this in as many different sectors as possible is an added bonus. I am curious to have a taste of all kinds of different branches like logistics and healthcare. Will the knowledge I’ve gained so far be applicable there as well or do I need to adjust my thinking? Interesting thoughts, I believe.

At Sirus, you are challenged to work in different unknown sectors. I love this variety of projects and the way your knowledge is constantly challenged and expanded.

Out of the spacesuit, into the squash outfit

Besides working at Sirus, I like to go squashing with my friends, exploring Brussel or enjoying a beer at a local bar in the city. On more serious occasions, I’m presiding a meeting of the FEB alumni or the local youth movement. When I’m not there, I’m probably on my way to an unexplored travel destination.

Started in April and now we’re here. Fair to say my warm welcome has evolved into a warm stay. And warmer it will get soon, when we travel to Florida next year! I am already looking forward to our NASA-trip.

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