The application proces


I'm applying for a job at Sirus. What can I expect to happen next?

You sent us your resume? Great! Now we’ll respond to you as quickly as possible. We’ll scan your resume and LinkedIn profile and see if you could be a match. But no worries, we look beyond just your technical skills. Your drive and motivation are key.


Level up! If we see your potential, we invite you for a first talk with our COO Jochen.

At Sirus we think it’s very important that you immediately meet the management. We are a people-company and value each and every Sirus colleague. That’s exactly why we don’t lead you towards an isolated department, but invite you for a talk with the people you’ll be in contact with when you start working at Sirus.


You have the no-nonsense mentality and team spirit we’re looking for! Now, how about your technical skills?

After your conversation with our COO Jochen, we already have a pretty good idea of you as a person. Next up, your technical skills. Important at this stage is that you get to know the people of Sirus. We want you to experience the Sirus atmosphere, and what better way to do that than to talk to one of our developers? He or she will ask you some technical questions, but most importantly, by talking to him or her, you can verify our company’s policies and values. Can you sense the team spirit and go-for-it-mentality by talking to our Sirus developer? We want to give you a complete and honest picture of our company. Because first and foremost, we think it’s important that you feel like you belong here and can thrive here.


Social skills? Check! Technical skills? Check! Up next, you get to know our company and CEO.

While the first two talks are mainly digital, this last one takes place in person, at our Sirus’ headquarters in Merelbeke. In this last phase of the applying process, we want you to get to know Gert and the office. Since we value our team members and the scalability of our company, Gert likes to meet every potential team member in person.


The match is made!

After these three different talks, we will clearly know if there’s a match. Now all that’s left is to see if you feel this match too. We always make sure that the three interviews are conducted in short order so you can quickly get an insight of our company and the position you would be filling. Within a week after these talks, you’ll receive an offer from us. We’ll give you time to decide and hope to welcome you in our team.

“At Sirus we value quality over quantity. We don’t have the ambition to grow towards 200 or 500 employees, we value our scalability since it allows us to know each and every one of our team members and to be mindful of their wishes and needs.”  Jochen Colla, COO at Sirus

Interested in a job at Sirus? Eager to join our team?

Or send us your resume and tell us what you want to do at Sirus. 

Did you now that all of Sirus’ new team members hired in 2023 will join us on our trip to NASA in 2024?