Working together to optimize Smart City mobility ecosystems

On the 13th of January CITYxCITY organised the first CITYxCITY Festival as an online alternative for the annual OASC conference. In this 2-day celebration speakers from all over the world were brought together to talk about how they want to amplify their impact on society. By combining different companies to talk and discuss subject and by working together, the Smart Cities of the future are created.

Sirus took part in this event as a keynote speaker on different subjects, including the topic about Smart City mobility. Together with Piia Karjalainen from Maas Alliance and Leo Frachet from MobilityData IO, our Sirus CEO Gert De Tant talked about global mobility, its challenges and opportunities for the Smart Cities of the future.

Check the video and discover what is needed to take mobility data ecosystems to the next level – for the benefit of better services, reduced emissions and cleaner cities.


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