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Case study in the picture: Constructiv

June 8, 2021


Logo constructiv Constructiv is a service organization for the construction sector. One of the goals of Constructiv is to support talent to grow and find its way in the sector. This implies providing certifications and exams to ensure the necessary competences and safe working conditions on the construction site.  

Certain jobs at a construction site can only be carried out by certified personnel. Historically, the construction workers had to bring in paper copies of their certificates. These copies had to be managed carefully by job site managers and workers alike, ensuring they didn’t get lost and that they were still valid and not expired.

Certificate management for employees

Constructiv wanted a tool where they could add new certificates, manage existing certificates, and a website where employees could consult the valid certificates. The solution needed to be able to generate PDFs of new and imported certificates.  The solution had to be capable to integrate with Constructiv’s existing Kentico CMS. The CMS is used by workers to find their certificates, but also to see upcoming scheduled exams

A Two-pronged Approach

Constructiv Sirus

Due to the needs of Constructiv we built a two-pronged application. On the one hand, a front-end that was built using the Blazor framework. On the other hand, there’s a .NET Core ODATA web API that serves as a back-end for our Blazor front-end. The web API allows integration of external applications, such as the Kentico CMS.  
The back-end uses the ODATA protocol, which enabled us to rapidly scaffold the front-end using the Radzen framework.   

The solution integrates with Constructiv’s existing infrastructure. There is an integration with Active Directory for authorization and authentication, the PDFs of new and imported certificates are stored in Constructiv’s SharePoint, and secret management is done via Constructiv’s Azure KeyVault.  

The project started and was completed while the COVID-19 pandemic was in full swing. During the project we had to adjust to 100% working from home. Even though some of the people working on the project never actually met in real life, we really worked as a team and delivered a great application.

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