What about your data?

The data available in your company is of undeniable importance. If your business can gather, analyze and interpretate huge amounts of data in a clear and complete manner, your company gains a huge strategic advantage. 

But analyzing your data is not always that simple. That’s where we come in. Sirus wants to help businesses on their digital journey. We unravel complex data and build smart applications to render valuable insights for your company. We show you how to make optimal use of your data: from setting up specific components or managing your data to providing consultancy or architectural advice. We handle your data!

Smart City Project

Our specialties

Big data architecture for Smart Cities & Companies: We work out the data architecture for your Smart City or Smart Company project.

Microsoft Data Platform: As Microsoft Gold Partner we have extensive knowledge of the Microsoft Data Platform.

Big Data Architecture for Smart Cities & Companies

Big data architecture dictates the underlying framework of your data handling. It is the logical and physical structure that defines how the huge amounts of data available in your company or city are ingested, harmonized, managed, accessed and analyzed.

Sirus focuses on IoT and big data architectural design for your Smart City or Company. We extract vital business information from a large amount of otherwise ambiguous figures. We offer cross sector expertise in open source and open data. We work for cities and companies across Belgium and internationally, including construction businesses, healthcare institutions and the packaging industry. Allowing you to gain important business or administrative insights from your data is our core objective. Curious to know how we transform your data from mere numbers into strategic advantageous power tricks?


The flow of your Big Data project / How your IoT Platform is set up

From the moment data is captured, Sirus begins working with this information. We process your business’ data, beginning with data ingestion, harmonization, output and ending with analysis and intelligence. Sirus sets up your data architecture by combining different Microsoft and/or external components.

Data capture
• First your specific data is captured;
• This data could, for instance, stem from sensors;
• Specialized partners capture this data individually.

• When data is generated Sirus enters the picture and sets up a streaming platform;
• By setting up this data platform your data is captured in real-time from event sources like sensors, mobile devices, cloud services or software applications;
• This streaming platform streamlines your data pipelines and makes sure the right information is at the right place for later interpretation or retrieval;
• We work with secure and scalable real-time data ingestion services like Apache Kafka or Azure Event Hubs.


• We set up a NGSI LD interface or a specific data model from the client;
• In this phase we standardize the different data formats in order to combine data from different sources;
• By standardizing the data, we provide users with the ability to compare different sources of data;
• We integrate using components like Apache Nifi or Azure Stream analytics.


• Now we set up the Open Data Platform. Users with permission to this platform can access collections of open data from your company or city;
• The data on this platform is easily accessible. The user-friendly platform provides a clear overview of important data;
• The platform can include context brokers like Scorpio which allow data to be managed in a decentralized manner, data catalogs such as CKAN or tailor-made solutions adapted to customer requirements.

Analysis & Intelligence

• We work with Digital Twins which renders a virtual representation of the (current) state of your city, company or production process;
• Digital Twins is used to model even the most complex environments and make them scalable (e.g. a city or country region). It helps break down silo’s so you can gather valuable insights from your business processes in an easy and comprehendible way;
• Next, we implement Machine Learning. Subsequently, when the platform is exposed to new data, it is able to independently adapt by automatically retraining and validating the models using MLOps. In other words, your system becomes self-serving;


• By implementing Machine Learning we can also build a statistical representation of the system so we can detect data points that deviate from a dataset’s normal behavior (anomaly detection). This way we can detect faulty or drifting sensors, improve data quality or alert about abnormal or potentially dangerous situations;
• We answer your business questions and meet your requirements using the insights AI models can provide about your data. We can make predictions, build recommendations, trigger warnings and automate actions;
• We work with components like ML Studio, Python and/or Power BI for the analysis of your data.

Sirus handles the whole journey of processing your data. Whether you are in need of consultancy or advice or if you require the complete development of your data platform. Sirus listens to your needs and offers the optimal data solution. We try to work predictive so your business and your business’ data are futureproof.

Microsoft Data Platform

The Microsoft Data Platform helps businesses make faster predictions about their data by adding machine learning and AI to database engines and the edge. Sirus has extensive knowledge of the Microsoft Data Platform. We set up DevOps processes and tools to automate and stimulate collaboration between software development and operations and manage your Microsoft services. We offer consultancy and architectural advice or manage end-to-end projects. Some of the Microsoft components we specialize in are:


Microsoft Gold Partner

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, meaning that we are always aware of the latest updates in applications and infrastructure. This knowledge ensures that your data solution is always up to date and adapted to the needs of the future.

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Our Microsoft Competencies
Applications and Infrastructure
Modern Workplace and Security
Smart Cities Belgium

Let Sirus handle your data / Why work with Sirus?

  • Including relational databases like MS SqlServer and Oracle
  • NoSql databases and NewSql databases like Cosmos DB and VoltDb
  • Such as declarative programming with logic programming languages like SQL and functional programming languages like R, Python, Julia, Scala and Fsharp.
  • And imperative programming with programming languages like TSQL and Python
  • Datamodel normalization and database tuning
  • Ingestion with Kafka & Azure Eventhub or other queuing technologies
  • CQRS
  • ETL/noETL
  • Lambda/Kappa/Data Mesh architecture
  • Kubernetes
  • ACID/BASE (transactions)
  • CAP theoreum, data consistency in distributed systems (CRDT, RAFT)
  • Reactive systems
  • Big data Stacks (ELK, SMACK)
  • Data visualization (PowerBI, R Shiny, IPython notebooks)
  • Statistics
  • Machine Leaning
  • Domain specific

Our business cases

Sirus already has a proven track record in creating data solutions for diverse cities and companies. We set up the Smart City Platform for cities like Antwerp, Luxemburg and Paderborn and helped companies like Hospital Logistics, Mediahuis and BioStoom become smarter.

Discover what we did to help create the companies and cities of the future.

Interested in becoming a smarter city or company yourself? Looking for a data solution for your business? Do not hesitate to contact us. Data is our pleasure.