Pascal at Sirus

Pascals first months at Sirus

March 30, 2022

Hi, contrary to you I am Pascal Desmet and …

I want to become an astronaut. Isn’t that the dream of just about every boy?

Well, that is exactly what you become when you start working at Sirus. You become an astronaut in a team that goes far and beyond. Figuratively speaking that is, because you can work from home, the office or close to home.
I have to say, as a beer-bellied, gray-bearded fifty-year-old, I had my doubts about passing the entrance exams. To my relief Sirus wasn’t only looking for young A grade students, but they also see added value in someone who has been around a bit longer.

Back to my roots as an end-to-end developer

With a track record of sixteen years of consultancy and eight years in a mix of team lead and management functions, I decided to go back to my roots: creating applications as an end-to-end developer. Sirus gives you the opportunity to work in different technology stacks for customers in a variety of businesses.

An asset for the younger generation

After a technical screening, a personality assessment and the obligatory colonoscopy check, I could start. Even with a little gap in technical skills, I was considered an asset to pass on experience to the younger generation. Something I have always loved to do. And so, I could start supporting, following up and mentoring a nice, young bloke during his internship at Sirus. More details on this will follow in a few months, when this assignment is finished. This training constitutes one day a week for me, the other four days I’m developing a WPF application for a weaving company.

During the first two and a half months I was able to attend a number of technical presentations and learning tracks. What struck me the most besides the high technical experience was the feeling with which you are being received by your new colleagues.
Even though you are new to the group you’re immediately accepted, involved in conversations and asked about your opinion. It is as if you have been their colleague for over a decade.

As hard as changing jobs can be, with doubts surfacing, I have the feeling it will all work out here at Sirus.

Are you also interested in joining Sirus as a developer?

Don’t hesitate to find out more on our careers page or reach out to us!

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