District09: a project for the city of Ghent through the eyes of .NET Developer Janiek

February 10, 2022

District09 is the ICT-partner of the city of Ghent, who is providing a stable, reliable and secure ICT-environment. Our .NET Developer Janiek is helping them build an extensive application for parking permits. In this blog he introduces us to the project.     

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Application for permits in car-free zone

My name is Janiek. I am currently working at District09 on a mobility project that deals with parking permits and permits to enter the car-free area of the city. The release of this project took place in December and I am currently working on the further elaboration of the application. My job is to develop the back-end API, the database, and the communication with external services. Next, we deliver this to the front-end developers who build the user interface in Angular. On the project, I work with a scrum team of 7 people.

Extensive application with micro-services

District09 disposes of a large collection of external services, micro-services, such as the generation of PDFs, the sending of e-mails and the retrieval of personal data from the national register for example. With our team we ensure a correct overall picture and we link together the required services for the project. It’s a very extensive application. There are, for example, different ways to obtain a permit, depending on whether the request is made by a person, company or healthcare provider.

Permit assessment process combined with smart cameras

In order to obtain a permit, people need to sign in using strong authentication (E-Id, Itsme). In the request flow, depending on the product they are applying for, people are then asked to upload the necessary documents and register their license plate(s). In addition, they can make payment for the permit online.

District-09 camera

Permits must also be assessed by an internal department at the city of Ghent, where a team of employees is responsible for handling the permit requests. Additionally, the application is also linked to the smart cameras in the city. If your request is approved, the license plate is passed on by the application to the smart cameras, which thus know which vehicles are allowed in the car-free zones and should therefore not receive any fines.

My experience with this project

The project at District09 is very challenging because you have to deal with a circle of various communication flows. Since this project is situated in the public sector, it is tangible because people regularly come into contact with the practical implementation of this permit application. This makes the project even more interesting and explicable.

.NET Developer Janiek

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