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Sirus keeps on growing – Welcome to our new HR & Office Assistant Sofie!

September 3, 2021

At Sirus, we keep growing in the right direction. As of September 20 we welcome Sofie Wymeersch on our Sirus planet. Sofie will be our HR & Office Assistant and will therefore work closely with all of our astronauts.

Who is Sofie?

After being a sysadmin for 10 years, Sofie realised that the drive to help people extends far beyond IT alone. Sofie is always enthusiastic and doesn’t take no for an answer. Being a single mom makes her a great planner and organizer with a crazy touch.

How did she end up on planet Sirus?

Sofie met Gert and Jochen a few times in the past and they must have made an amazing impression because when she was looking for a new opportunity, she landed on the Sirus website to check if she could be an asset for our company. And there it was, the vacancy she was looking for!

As Jochen still owed Sofie a coffee, she sent an e-mail saying the right time had come. A few cups of tea later, Sofie joined Sirus.

What does our Sirusser like to do after hours?

As a single mom of Luka and Yoko, she has her hands full with their hobbies like frisbee and circus school. But when they are out playing on the big field behind her house, she likes to read Stephen King books and when they are asleep, she loves to build Lego sets or watch Netflix.

Music is also a big part of her life. If possible, she would listen to music all day long. What kind of music? Well, mostly guitars of all sorts: Nirvana, KoRn, Amenra, Raketkanon, Tool… When she’s in party mode however, retro house from the nineties is the way to dance!

Her favorite quote?

“Well-behaved women seldom make history” – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich


Welcome aboard Sofie!


Do you want to join the Sirus company as well? Check out our current vacancies and join Sofie and our enthusiastic team of astronauts.

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