Mission Title: IoT Solution Architect at Sirus
Astronaut leading the mission: You

Joining the Sirus team as IoT Solution Architect means that you can define end-to-end solutions for various customers and support their organization in transforming into a more innovative company, adapted to the 21st century. You will light the way to a bright future.

Are you the IoT Solution Architect the universe is looking for?
Software job

What does my space journey involve?

At Sirus, you will end up in a vibrant working environment where everyone is treated equally, without there being a strict hierarchy. Your expertise is key and your job will be made up of very diverse tasks and responsibilities, including some of the following aspects:

  • Shorter projects with customers in full project mode;
  • Longer (part-time or full-time) projects as a solution architect at one of our clients;
  • Quality assurance, senior coaching and architecture oversight for one of our end-to-end projects. For such a project you will be part of a (development) team with other Sirus employees.
  • Internal expertise competence groups working around architecture, building and reviewing content for training purposes;
  • Helping with commercial projects, tendering, technical pre-sales conversations;
  • Architectural advice on our internal solutions (smart city and IoT), both in .NET and open source components.

That’s right, many possibilities, and the exact interpretation of your function also depends strongly on you. Your preferences, but also your efforts will make the difference. At Sirus, we like a hands-on approach! So shoot for the moon and you will be launched into higher atmospheres in no time!

Your spacesuit


What can you expect in return for your effort and talent?

  • An open mind for feedback. At Sirus we listen to you. We appreciate your opinion and we are convinced that every employee can make Sirus better. Share your experience with us so we can make Sirus stronger together.
  • Plenty of independence and opportunities. You become one of the key figures in a young and rapidly growing team where there is a lot of room for personal initiative.
  • The opportunity to continuously keep your knowledge and expertise up to date and to freshen up where necessary, such as during competence meetings.
  • Enthusiastic and supporting colleagues. You can rely on your colleagues at all times. They serve as a sounding board for your action plan.
  • An attractive remuneration, complemented by an extensive package of benefits such as cost reimbursement, group and health insurance and a company car with fuel card.
  • A flexible workspace. You will work from home, from our office in Merelbeke, or at the client’s premises.
  • A stimulating working environment with short lines of communication and a great team spirit maintained by a variety of internal events (team building, summer drinks, ski trip, … if the Corona virus allows it of course …).

Who is Sirus?

Sirus is a scale-up software consultancy company with in-depth and extensive expertise in complex integration solutions.

Sirus helps its customers with software architecture, translates business processes into customized software and provides an integrated solution for the application landscape of the client. Today we do a variety of projects, from short architecture revisions to complex end-to-end integrations. In addition, we also send consultants to clients who have a permanent project for a long period of time. Quality and expertise are top priorities for our clients’ projects!

Interested to join our Sirus’ space crew? Fill in this form and we will help you on board!