Looking ahead to 2023

11/01/2023 - Merelbeke

With the door to 2022 closed and the next one opened, we are looking ahead to what this new year will bring for Sirus.

Our main focus areas in 2023

This year, we will delve further into Office 365, IoT, .NET and data. We’ll continue to look at the current needs of our clients and will happily guide them with skilled consultancy. Furthermore, we’ll keep abreast of the latest evolutions in the tech world and stay on top of them.

New projects will also be added to our website this year, so keep an eye on our website and social accounts to discover what we have been working on these last few months.


Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft partner competences

A few years ago, we became Microsoft Gold Partner in Application Development and Integration. Our long-lasting partnership with Microsoft provides us with the technical tools we require and results in extensive expertise in Microsoft solutions. However, the required certificates for this partnership change regularly, as they did at the beginning of this year.

As we are committed to this partnership, our team will follow a certification path where each team member will participate in a Microsoft exam and thus obtain a required certificate. This will allow our team members to update their knowledge and prove their Microsoft expertise. By the end of 2023, we hope to become Microsoft Solution Partner Designation in Digital & App innovation and Data & AI (Azure). We cannot wait for our developers to show off their Azure certificates!

Fiware partner

Microsoft partner

This year, we officially became Fiware partner. We’ve been partnering with the Fiware Foundation for a long time now, but last year, at the Barcelona summit we officially received our partnership certificate. This certificate acknowledges Sirus’ engineers as Fiware experts and gives us the components necessary so the cities and businesses we work for can reach the standards presented by OASC. We’ll continue to work with these Fiware components to build your smart platform this year and in the years that follow. Furthermore, we’ll be present at the Fiware summit in Vienna in June 2023.

Context broker in the Azure Marketplace

In 2023, you can find our NGSI-LD Context Broker in the Azure Marketplace. This digital platform component enables the integration of gathered data. Furthermore, we also offer a custom-built reference implementation of the Scorpio Context Broker, tailor-made to meet your requirements and Azure data platform environment. You’ll discover more about it on our social channels and website soon.

Discover our Context Broker in the Azure Marketplace

Competence evenings, hackatons & training courses

Just like the previous years, we’ll continue to invest in the knowledge and growth of our developers this year. Our regular competence evenings will be further expanded and we’ll organize our very first hackatons this year. With these, we want to stimulate interaction while our developers immerse themselves in topics of their own choice. Furthermore, our Senior developers are currently following a ‘Speaking with impact’ course by Aspiria in which they learn more about public speaking.

Investing in our developers was always, and will still be, a priority in 2023.


If we do well this year, we might end up going to Ibiza in the fall of 2023! If that isn’t a great motivator and a nice perspective to look forward to, what is? Furthermore, we’ll plan more team events this year so our team doesn’t lose the strong bond it has now.

Discover why it’s nice working at Sirus

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Have a look at our current vacancies

Sirus vacancies

NASA trip!

And last but not at all least, let’s not forget our NASA trip this year! In February, we will launch a mission to Florida where we’ll visit the NASA visitor’s center. You can follow our entire journey via our social media channels Instagram and Linkedin.

Whether NASA will once again be part of our new recruitment campaign is a secret we will not yet spill. But you can be sure that something is cooking in our kitchen. More on this will follow shortly…


What does 2023 bring?

Whatever 2023 brings, we look forward to experiencing it together with the familiar faces here at Sirus and with the new clients and colleagues we will meet this year. The world lies wide open, and we are ready to jump right in! Launching on our next adventure in 3….2…1!

Will you walk by our side in 2023? Don’t hesitate to contact us.