Reflecting on Techorama 2023: A Tasty, Inspirational, and Educational Conference

July 7, 2023

My blog about Techorama 2023 with the help of ChatGPT 😉:

Title: Reflecting on Techorama 2023: A Tasty, Inspirational, and Educational Conference

Techorama 2023 was an extraordinary conference that provided the perfect blend of delicious catering, opportunities to connect with colleagues, and engaging sessions on a wide range of topics. As an enthusiastic participant, my focus was primarily on the developments in Open AI, particularly in the areas of code generation and Open AI security. Although I had some disappointments regarding the superficial sessions, overall it was an event that inspired me and provided new insights.

Delicious Catering: A Feast for the Senses

One of the first things that caught my attention at Techorama 2023 was the exquisite catering. From fresh coffee and refreshing smoothies to a wide array of snacks and meals, the organizers clearly put a lot of effort into fulfilling the culinary needs of the participants. It was a true delight to enjoy a delicious lunch during the breaks and network with other professionals in a relaxed atmosphere.

Being Together with Colleagues: Connection and Collaboration

Techorama provided an excellent opportunity to gather with colleagues and like-minded professionals from the industry. It was refreshing to see how easy it was to connect with other participants and exchange ideas. The informal conversations during the breaks and after the sessions were as valuable as the content of the presentations themselves. The event fostered a sense of community and promoted collaboration among different teams and organizations.

Open AI: The Future of Code Generation and Security

As someone with a special interest in Open AI, I was thrilled to discover that multiple sessions were dedicated to this fascinating topic. The presentations on code generation using AI were particularly captivating. It was amazing to see how AI algorithms can generate functional pieces of code based on given specifications. These developments have the potential to drastically change the way software development takes place.

Another important aspect of Open AI that was covered during the conference was security. The speakers discussed the latest developments in Open AI security and the challenges associated with ensuring the integrity and safety of AI systems. It was reassuring to see active efforts being made to address these complex issues.

Sessions on CQRS, C# vNext, and More

In addition to my interest in Open AI, I also attended several engaging sessions on other topics. One highlight was an in-depth presentation on CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation). The speaker provided a clear explanation of this pattern and illustrated how it can lead to better scalability and flexibility of applications. It was refreshing to attend a session that delved deep and offered practical insights.

Another session I was looking forward to was focused on the future of C#, called C# vnext. The speaker shared the latest updates and improvements planned for the programming language. It was encouraging to see the community actively working on evolving and enhancing C# to meet the changing needs of developers.

A Hint of Disappointment: Superficial Sessions

Although I was generally very satisfied with Techorama 2023, I must admit that I was sometimes disappointed by a few superficial sessions. There were moments when I was seeking more depth and technical details, but instead, I received presentations that only scratched the surface. However, this can of course be quite a challenge when organizing such a large event with participants having varying levels of expertise and interests.


Overall, Techorama 2023 was a fantastic conference that inspired me and provided new insights. The combination of delicious catering, the opportunity to connect with colleagues, and engaging sessions on topics such as Open AI, CQRS, and C# vnext made the event highly valuable. While there was room for improvement regarding the depth of some presentations, the positive aspects of the conference far exceeded my expectations. I am already looking forward to Techorama 2024, hoping it will inspire and inform me even more.

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