Mathias Van Heule - Data Engineer at Sirus

Mathias’ throwback on almost one year as a Data Engineer at Sirus

September 29, 2023

Greetings, I’m Mathias, a Data Engineer at Sirus.

My journey of becoming a Data Engineer at Sirus has been quite an adventure already. A journey full of learning opportunities, and most importantly, personal development. Here’s the short version: I’m loving every bit of it. Now, allow me to share the longer, more enriching story.

Recognizing my nagging doubt

Having worked both as a Software Engineer and a Business Analyst, I was constantly struck with a feeling of discontent. It took a while for me to acknowledge this unease, but once I did, it became impossible to ignore. I’ve worn many hats, ranging from Software Engineer and Business Analyst to even experimenting with DevOps. However, this array of experiences didn’t seem quite enough.

I could clearly see that something was missing. That’s when I decided to embark on a new quest. I started studying data science, machine learning, and AI until I suddenly stumbled upon a job vacancy for a Data Engineer at Sirus. What truly caught my eye was the personal approach and the clear emphasis on personal development.

A custom fit: Data Engineer

During the interview with Sirus, the role of Data Engineer felt tailor-made for me, which was a pleasant surprise. Not one day at Sirus is the same. My tasks range from working with technologies like Apache Nifi, Kubernetes, Azure Functions, and IoT hub, to diving deep into Kafka streams or just pure Python development projects. It’s not just the variety, but also the innovative spirit of the job that keeps me invigorated.

Looking to the future

The immersion at Sirus involved more than just work. During our memorable trip to Florida, our team had the opportunity to visit NASA. Beyond the marvel of space exploration, it was a chance to bond with my colleagues on a more personal level. Understanding their aspirations, sharing stories, and building friendships outside a traditional office setting made me appreciate the unique blend of the personalities I work with.

So here I am, a Data Engineer at a dynamic company, looking forward to growing alongside it, fulfilling my ambitions and transforming myself, and all of that while contributing to the data revolution. I couldn’t be happier.


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