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Meet Janiek: .NET Developer and passionate family man/gamer/sportsman and musician

January 25, 2022

Who am I?

Let me introduce myself. I’m a .NET Developer and I have been working at Sirus since 2017. I joined Sirus because I was interested in consultancy, I wanted to keep learning and was ready for a new challenge. Sirus turned out to be the perfect place for my new adventure. In my job, I specifically focus on .NET projects, such as my latest assignment at the City of Ghent.

Application for parking permits at the city of Ghent


I am currently working at District-09, Ghent’s ICT partner. There, I am working on a mobility project that deals with parking permits in the car-free area of the city. The release of this project took place in December after which I continued working on the further elaboration of the application. My job consists of developing the back-end. At Sirus I get the choice to work on one project for a longer period of time, like here at District-09, but I can also indicate if I am interested in something else (e.g. a short-term project). They always listen to my needs and try to meet them adequately.

Team buildings and a friendly amosphere

What I like about Sirus is the relaxed atmosphere, the flat organization and the great team buildings. For example, I have already gone on several ski trips and went mountain biking, laser shooting and wall climbing. Such team buildings ensure that you get to know your colleagues in a different way. The small scale of the Sirus team also means that you get to know everyone really well and the friendly atmosphere is always good, even if we don’t see each other every day. I think that as your bond strengthens, you can also work better together. Also, because of the expertise of different people, we can turn to each other when we have questions about certain projects/clients. In addition, our CEO, Gert De Tant, is always available for questions or a friendly chat.

Janiek .NET Developer

Competence meetings & personal chats

Sirus team

Sirus makes every effort to organize team events. Thus, they make sure the connection with Sirus is not lost. I have regular meetings with Jochen to see how everything is going and I really appreciate these talks. Furthermore, I find the competence meetings always interesting. During those meetings, we look for solutions to technical problems and make exercises together. I feel like I’m really learning a lot from these competence evenings. Besides, it’s a nice change from my daily tasks.

Even though Sirus always provides a digital version of these events, I still hope we can come to the office again soon.

Dreams for the future

In the future, I would like to continue to specialize in .NET. The .NET domain is very broad and constantly evolving. So it still offers a lot of opportunities for me to expand my knowledge. In addition, I am also interested in Azure, Cloud and Cloud architecture, which are closely related to the .Net domain. In the future, I would also like to obtain more certificates. I already obtained three certificates at Sirus and I would like to make it my personal goal to gain one additional certificate each year.

My interests besides work

When I am not working, I am most likely busy gaming, but you can also often find me in the library browsing through the shelves with Sci-Fi books.

In addition, I daily try to go cycling (especially in the beautiful spring months) or swimming to blow off some steam and I like to be involved with music. On my own guitar, I have been playing classical and experimental music since I was a teenager. I love a variety of genres from rock to metal and reenact the songs of my favorite groups. I also have a family with two children and a wonderful wife that I am only too happy to devote my time to.

Glad to have you in our team, Janiek!

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