Ben Desmet, new Data Analyst at Sirus

Who are the new astronauts who landed on our Sirus Planet in 2022?

May 5, 2022

Sirus is constantly on the lookout for new talented people who want to develop their superpowers at our company. We are happy and proud to announce that we have already recruited 4 new employees and 2 freelancers in the first four months of 2022. In addition, 2 interns embarked on their first professional adventure here at Sirus. This blog post will give a brief overview of our newest faces.

Pascal Desmet, Developer at Sirus

Pascal Desmet

On January 3rd, Pascal joined Sirus as a .NET Consultant. Pascal is a driven .NET Developer with over 25 years of experience in the field. In addition to his client assignment, he is also coaching and following up our IoT intern Abdellah.

A future at Sirus was always in the cards for Pascal. He encountered the company once in the past, but didn’t yet take the plunge. Today, however, he realises this is were he is supposed to be.

Pascal likes mountain biking and loves going for a walk with his French bulldog Juleske.

Abdellah Akhayad

A month and a half after Pascal, we welcomed another new face. Abdellah started his internship at Sirus on February 14th (you could call it a  match made in heaven). Abdellah is taking this internship as part of his graduate training in programming. He is being coached by Pascal throughout his internship, during which he focuses on a specific enhancement of our Smart City platform services.

Abdellah has already indicated that he has learned a lot and is well supported by Pascal. “This internship is my first professional experience and I am very happy to be able to gain so much knowledge here at Sirus”.

Furthermore, Abdellah really likes playing football and spending time with his friends. 

Abdellah Akhayad, .NET intern at Sirus
Filip Stas, Freelance developer at Sirus

Filip Stas

On February 17th, Filip Stas joined the Sirus team as a freelance developer. He is currently working on a project for Hospital Logistics as a .NET Developer and Project Manager. “I joined Sirus because I was looking for a new challenge and the project on which I am currently working is the perfect match.”

Filip enjoys his work immensely and even considers it his passion. He also likes to listen to music and collect music records.

Kevin Stockmans

The fourth person who started working at Sirus in 2022 is Kevin Stockmans. Kevin started on March 7th as a .NET Developer. Kevin got into the IT world after working as an order picker and call center agent. He is currently working on the Constructiv project. Soon, this project will proceed with a new phase and Kevin will be part of the development team.

“In my spare time, I like to go to metal music gigs or festivals. I also like to travel to Scotland, Ireland and Scandinavia. Especially because of the beautiful landscapes you have there.”

Furthermore, Kevin’s a real whisky enthusiast. “Occasionally I go to a Whisky Fair, tasting or I visit a brewery.”

Kevin Stockmans, Developer at Sirus
Wouter De Rijck, Freelance developer at Sirus

Wouter De Rijck

Freelance developer Wouter De Rijck started working at Sirus on March 14th. Before discovering his passion for IT, Wouter worked as a warehouse employee. Wouter discovered Sirus via our HR and Office Assistant Sofie Wymeersch.

Just like Kevin, Wouter is working on the Constructiv project. His job is to draw up the technical architecture for the platform they will build.

Wouter really loves playing board games in his spare time. “I used to be in a board game club. Once a year we would rent a house in the Ardennes to have a full-on board game weekend”.

Did you know that Wouter helped to develop the Studio 100 application?

Kilian Ogbebor

On the same day as Wouter, the Sirus adventure began for Sales & Marketing intern Kilian Ogbebor. Kilian is studying Business Administration and is pursuing a master’s degree in Commercial Management. To make sure he learns a lot and gets a good picture of what sales in the IT world is like, he is supported by Sales & Marketing Specialist Justien de Roose.

During his internship Kilian is working on different things, but mainly he is conducting a customer survey. “I have really learned a lot by being involved in Justien’s daily tasks.”

Kilian is a huge football fan, and he likes to go out with his friends and have a couple of drinks.

Kilian Ogbebor, new Sales & Marketing intern at Sirus
Gert Becque, enterprise architect at Sirus

Gert Becqué

On March 21st, our new Enterprise Architect Gert Becqué started working at Sirus. Gert had worked for years as a .NET Developer before he held various positions as a Project Manager, Enterprise Architect and Solution Architect at different companies. “I ended up at Sirus via CEO Gert De Tant whom I had known for a while.”

“I was looking for a new challenge and I found it at Sirus by having the opportunity to work in a new IT domain.” Gert is currently working on the Constructiv project.

With his electric guitar in hand and his band the A-tease Gert loves to cover songs from the 80s.

Ben Desmet

Our newest employee is Ben Desmet. Ben will be working at Sirus as a Data Analyst. He started working at Sirus on April 11th.

Did you know Ben came into contact with our company because of his master’s thesis?  His thesis was about analyzing data from data sensors in Ghent. Since CEO Gert De Tant was involved in this project, he got to know Sirus.

Ben is currently working on the data science of the MobiliData project.

Ben likes to play squash and read non-fiction books from which he can learn. In his spare time he is also chairman of the Feb alumni.

Ben Desmet, Data analyst at Sirus

At Sirus we couldn’t be happier with these eight new faces. Together with our team of driven astronauts, these employees will help launch the innovative IT future Sirus is building. Welcome aboard, all of you!

Are you also interested in joining Sirus as a .NET Developer, Solution Architect or Data Engineer?

Don’t hesitate to find out more on our careers page or reach out to us!

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