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Microsoft 365 is the umbrella term for Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility & Security. Microsoft 365 is an excellent tool to work together with clients, suppliers and colleagues. It offers an integrated platform for collaboration and information management. All Microsoft apps like Word, Excel, Outlook and SharePoint are combined on one platform and are always up to date when they are implemented in the cloud.

Microsoft is an easy-to-use platform for working together on documents, storing files, managing tasks or making presentations. However, there are more advanced possibilities for this software. When using the full capacity of Microsoft 365, the possibilities are endless. Sirus can help your business reach that full capacity. 

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Sirus, a Microsoft gold partner

We offer solutions for all complex Microsoft 365 problems. We can implement advanced security on your Microsoft 365 or structure your data by integrating backhand systems in your Microsoft 365 environment. Sirus is a Microsoft gold partner, which means that we are always aware of the latest trends in the Microsoft environment. Complexity and development are the challenges we are willing to tackle to make your business flourish.

How do we solve your Microsoft 365 problems?

Sirus completes the project for your business from setting up the solution to building and making sure the solution remains efficient. We can, for example, help you migrate a Sharepoint 2013 environment to a Sharepoint 2019 environment. Sirus also offers Microsoft 365 consultancy. For complex and longer solutions, we send specialised engineers to solve the problem on the spot. Our experts tackle the issue and organise workshops to explain how to get the most out of your Microsoft 365 environment. The solution is adapted to the needs of your company.

Office 365 problems

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