Sirus part of Mobilidata program for safer, smoother and greener traffic in Flanders!

Mobilidata: a mobility project of the Flemish government


Mobilidata is an ambitious mobility project where public and private forces combine to make traffic safer, smoother and greener for every road user through smart data management and technology. Flanders is allocating 18.2 million euros for the development and deployment of this part of the Mobilidata program. Be-Mobile, a Belgian company specialized in smart mobility solutions, created a strong consortium at the request of the Flemish government to realize a substantial part of this ambitious program. As part of the consortium, Sirus helps to tackle this challenge.


“With this strong public-private partnership, the Agency for Roads and Traffic is committed to connected mobility. With this program, we are developing digital road management whereby we pass real-time traffic information to road users, who in turn ‘connect’ to our road infrastructure. Movements thus become smoother, safer, more sustainable and more comfortable.” Tom Roelants, Administrator General AWV


31 traffic use cases

Mobilidata will realize 31 innovative technological traffic use cases. Through a safe and secure network, the data sent by your on-board computer or smartphone is combined with other data sources, such as for example traffic light information, traffic flow data, weather data, etc. This results in sustainable, smart and reliable information which is returned to the different users and connected infrastructure. For example, when a priority vehicle approaches an intersection during an urgent mission, the traffic light will automatically switch to green so it can proceed smoothly.



Sirus providing data interoperability

MobiliData project Sirus traffic lights Mobility is one of the biggest challenges facing Flanders and data plays a key role in solving this mobility puzzle. One of the components of the technical architecture for the Mobilidata project includes a historical database with components responsible for collecting mobility information which can be used for policy making and evaluation.

However, merely collecting this data is not enough: interoperability plays a key roll in delivering and interpreting this data. That’s why we, Sirus, implemented the Minimal Interoperability Mechanisms (hereafter abbreviated as MIM) from OASC. MiM’s are the minimal sufficient capabilities needed to achieve interoperability of data, systems, and services between buyers, suppliers and regulaters across governance levels around the world. These MIMs ensure that the data is available to third parties such as private companies, citizens, governments and research institutions and in this way implements the Quadruple Helix.

This ensures that the interactions between the different institutions take place in an optimal way, which leads to a “knowledge economy”.


The implementation of MIMs

Our solution implements MIM1 by connecting the data platform to a cloud-based NGSI-LD context broker. Our context broker implements the full NGSI-LD api specification and can therefore handle both status and temporal properties.

Additionally, the solution Sirus builds for this program can be continuously rolled out in other cities and regions.

Want to know more about the partners?

Mobilidata is a program of the Flemish government, supported by imec and with financial support from Vlaio and CEF (Connecting Europe Facility). Mobilidata aims to make traffic in Flanders safer, smoother and more sustainable through innovative technological mobility solutions. The rollout of the Mobilidata CORE subproject is being conducted by a consortium of companies led by Be-Mobile.

The MobiliData program came about with the following partners:

Agency for Roads and TrafficimecDepartment of Mobility and Public WorksDepartment of Economy, Science and InnovationFlemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Connecting Europe Facility.

Be-Mobile‘s consortium consists of the following partners:

Be-Mobile, FlitsmeisterNDriveBoschMonotchTransport & Mobility LeuvenTractebelMovias and Sirus.

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