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My first months on the Sirus planet

July 1, 2021

My first months working at Sirus

Roughly 2 months ago, during Covid times, my adventure at Sirus started.

My onboarding day started with a corona proof, warm welcome from Jochen, who gave me a tour around the office and introduced me to some of my new colleagues. After showing me around, we needed to get the necessary paperwork done. Jochen explained how Sirus is organized and gave a small overview of all the projects Sirus was currently working on. I received my newcomers’ goody bag containing a hand written welcome card, a Sirus drinking bottle, a notebook, a chocolate bar so I could endure the more difficult tasks on my project, and the required pair of colorful Sirus socks.

Sirus Time

May the 4th I was introduced to Sirus Time, a physical event which was now held online. Once every 2 months an informal “meeting” is organized where all colleagues get an update on what happened at Sirus over the past few months. The Sirus members get information about who started working at Sirus – like myself – , new projects and there’s time for some chit-chatting.

Learning at Sirus

Over the past few weeks, I have attended a few competence meetings to boost my knowledge about .NET Development and Software Architecture. I also got an introduction to K8S (Kubernetes). Every session ended with a hands-on exercise allowing you to put into practice what you’ve learned.

My first physical team event in two years

Friday the 11th of June we, all Sirus employees, were expected to be at The Lab in Gent at 12 o’clock. Not knowing what to expect, we first had to do a Covid self-test whereafter we could attend a team event neatly organized by Justien and Jens. It was my first physical team event in two years. The event started with a quick pasta meal, followed by an overview of the past year and our CEO Gert De Tant‘s vision for the future. In the afternoon a workshop was scheduled about the importance of body language. After the workshop we got to know each other even better during some drinks and dinner accompanied by the pleasant spring sun. I’m already looking forward to the next real-life event.

My function at Sirus

Right now I’m working as a Full Stack Developer and Scrum Master, but in my spare time I’ve managed to get my Raspberry Pi to send the temperature and humidity of my home office to an Azure IoT Hub. The next step is to get the data visualized in a web app.

Filip Nuyts

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