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My marketing internship at Sirus – Intern Jens talks about his journey

September 3, 2021

The beginning of my journey

I first came in contact with Sirus thanks to Graviteit, where I was interning at the same time as Sirus. Graviteit is partially responsible for the marketing and communication at Sirus. I had a very pleasant acquaintance with Justien, the Sales & Marketing manager at Sirus, and so my internship got off to a good start. I was immediately thrown in and could start working right away. What I had to do was always clearly communicated, which I really appreciated. I knew what was expected of me so I was really motivated to work in this stimulating environment.

Pursuing my travels

My internship at Sirus was extremely instructive and challenging and involved an intense collaboration with Justien. Sometimes I was given quite a lot of responsibility and that resulted in a bit of a search. All in all, I think it went well. I regularly received positive feedback, which made it fun to continue my internship. I learned a lot from Jochen, the COO of Sirus, and from Justien. In combination with the feedback I received from Graviteit, this made my trajectory at both companies very enriching.

The wonderful world of meetings

During my internship at Sirus, I had many meetings, both internal and with external parties. Corona didn’t make it possible for me to come to the office all the time. Twice a week I had a sync up meeting with Justien to check how and what I was doing. In the beginning of my internship this meeting was always online. As my internship progressed, we were able to meet at the office more often. This was a lot more fun for me than working at home. Apart from the meetings with Justien, I also had a lot of meetings with other Sirus’ members. Some meetings went better than others. These meetings led to some of Sirus’ cases and projects that are now showcased on the website.

Meeting to remember

Some meetings even resulted in funny situations. One time I recorded a meeting in order to use the content afterwards, but forgot to turn off my camera when the meeting had ended. If you could see the recording, you’ll notice me struggling to close the meeting. When later on reviewing the meeting content, imagine the moment where my colleagues see a recording of just me being myself and struggling to close the tab. Awkward ?

Not only an internship but also a place where I made new friends

Apart from the fact that Justien was my supervisor, I can say that I also made a new friend. For me personally, the collaboration was a lot of fun. After hours we could talk about many other things. For example, on the last Friday of my internship Justien treated me to lunch at La Traverse. It was a very nice and pleasant afternoon and the ideal closure of my internship. I also had some great moments at the team event where I was able to get to know many other Sirus team members and had quite a few interesting conversations. I also got acquainted with Gert’s humor (Gert being the CEO of Sirus and all) and I look back with great pleasure on the Fridays that ended with drinks and a nice atmosphere at the office. It was an internship to remember. I am already looking forward to the 10th anniversary of Sirus and count myself lucky that I may attend these festivities.


Finally, I would like to thank Gert, Jochen and Justien for the insight into a great company and the fun moments that came with it. I wish you all the best in the future and good luck with Sirus!

– Jens –


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