Looking for an application framework?

.NET is an application framework for the seamless collaboration of applications. It is developed by Microsoft and written in different programming languages. Sometimes businesses want to get more out of their .NET software and for these complex solutions, Sirus can offer the necessary support.

.NET software
.NET software

Which .NET software solutions do we offer?

Sirus is specialised in recent technologies. We are aware of the evolution of .NET software and follow the latest .NET trends in architecture and custom software development very closely. We focus on innovation and offer consultancy or end-to-end solutions to help your company grow and get the most out of your Microsoft software.

How do we solve your .NET problems?

Sirus sends senior or medior .NET specialists to your company to solve the specific problems your company is dealing with, to organise workshops and to help your employees efficiently use the software. We offer consultancy on the short and long term, adapted to the specific needs of your company.

Most of the time our experts are seconded full-time to your company in order to spot opportunities to improve the company’s growth.

Sirus also offers end-to-end solutions without full-time consultancy. Our ultimate goal is to focus on architecture and custom software development. We can also help you develop a web application and deliver the result within a specific time frame. Sirus offers solutions for small and larger companies, for small and larger problems.

Why choose Sirus for your .NET software?