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New IoT Talent @ Sirus

November 3, 2020

Fresh IoT talent at Sirus Sirus

Yesterday we welcomed our new colleague Valentin Ponthieu. Valentin is a junior developer who will support the team in different projects. He is immediately stepping in on one of our most innovative projects: setting up the IoT platform in production for a container logistics company. He will be supporting one of our senior IoT developers, Maarten De Bont, who will coach him during this trajectory.

Welcome Valentin!

One month at Sirus


Sam Van den Berghe

This week also marks Sam’s first month at Sirus. Sam started on October 1st as IoT & Smart City developer. Sam has been actively involved in the smart city environment of the City of Antwerp, a platform fully built on open source components.


New job in lockdown


It’s a “special” time to have your first working day to say the least. You don’t get to meet your team face to face, or have a chat over lunch to find out who is who. At Sirus, we get together once every month during an hour of “Sirus Time”, where we virtually meet, have a drink, and chat about what’s on and off. We give a short update on our customers, or give the word to somebody from the team to talk about his or her experiences that week.

WANTED: colleagues with IoT Talent!


Nonetheless the special situation we’re in, Sirus is actively on the lookout for additional colleagues, new IoT talent at Sirus! We’re looking for all kinds of experts, and our careers page will be updated soon with new vacancies. Are you a UX/UI expert, front end developer, .NET lover, IoT genius, Digital Twin believer or Smart City specialist? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Patricia and join our EPIC team of Sirus’ers!!

Let’s talk soon?!



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