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Sirus in Bloovi Magazine: “Having the right people on board is crucial”

Safely collecting complex data and creating user-friendly digital applications, that has been Sirus’ mission for over 10 years, but how do we get this done?
According to our CEO Gert De Tant the answer is simple: “By surrounding ourselves with the right people, and I mean the people in our team as well as the partners we work with. Every project depends on this talent density.”

Check the full (Dutch) interview with our CEO Gert De Tant in Bloovi.

10 years of Sirus: a photographic overview

The 17th of June 2022 we celebrated our tenth anniversary. And what an epic party it was. Our photo’s will give you quite the overview of an awesome night together with our partners, clients and team members. 

Techorama 2022: the key takeaways of our developers

Techorama 2022 - which took place from the 24th till the 25th of May - was the first big IT-conference...

Competence meeting: setting up an MVP for your morning ritual – Tim Langens

Talks & Tracks Every month we organize competence sessions at Sirus. We distinguish 2 different types of sessions: tracks and...

How linked data can support decisive policy-making

Data is the new gold. A saying which holds a definite truth. That’s why we at Sirus strongly support the sharing of valuable linked data so we can all gain extra knowledge and grow even further due to our combined insights and inexhaustible sources of information.

In 2021 the cities Brugge, Roeselare and Leuven made clear they also believe in the richness and advantages of data sharing. By launching a tender, these three cities spread the message of wanting to work together on a big scale and they looked for a partner ready to develop a Smart City Platform where they could bundle all the linked data gathered from smart meters in their cities.

Who are the new astronauts who landed on our Sirus Planet in 2022?

Sirus is constantly on the lookout for new talented people who want to develop their superpowers at our company. We...

Kevin’s landing on the Sirus Planet: “I feel like I got hired because they believe in me as a person”

Hi there. My name is Kevin. And I am here to tell you that I have been test flying a...

Pascals first months at Sirus

Hi, contrary to you I am Pascal Desmet and … I want to become an astronaut. Isn't that the dream...

Urban Sense Event : inzichten uit data voor een daadkrachtig beleid

Op 20 mei 2022 organiseert Sirus samen met Cegeka en Microsoft het Urban Sense evenement in het Microsoft Technology Center....

Urban Sense

Urban Sense is een consortium tussen de bedrijven Cegeka en Sirus dat een dataplatform aanbiedt aan steden en gemeenten waarop...