Lego City Project internship

Niels and Thibaud’s internship: Lego City Project

September 12, 2023


I am Thibaud Despriet, an enthusiastic student of Industrial Engineering in Computer Science at Ghent University.


My name is Niels Savvides. I am in the final year of my Master in Industrial Engineering Informatics at Ghent University, where I am specializing in Software Hacking. My hobbies are chess, fitness and hiking.

Lego City project

During our internship at Sirus, we worked wholeheartedly on the Lego City project. Both the hardware and software aspects of the Lego City were tackled, equipping it with streetlights, traffic lights, air quality sensors, sound sensors, temperature sensors, waste bin sensors, parking sensors, as well as waste collection and traffic prediction programs. These components collected data and sent it to Digital Twins via an IotHub and a Context Broker.

We worked with different scenarios within the Lego City, such as discarding trash in a garbage can, the status of which was then displayed in the 3D scenes. We collected data from the environmental sensors – temperature, air quality and noise – which were also transmitted to the Digital Twins. The data was visualized in 3D scenes, which represented a model of the Lego City.

With this lego city project, we were fortunate to engage in an end-to-end IoT project utilizing the latest Microsoft technologies.

Embracing challenges

This project emphasized the importance of documenting each step in the project so that future team members can easily interact with the technologies. The most instructive aspect of this project was the opportunity to work with hardware, something that was not extensively covered in our university courses. Of course, we encountered challenges, but that’s part of engineering projects.


This was a very educational experience, both in terms of software and hardware. We would like to thank Sirus for this valuable opportunity. The working atmosphere at the office was great, and we look back with pride on what we have accomplished. We learned a lot and are grateful for this opportunity.

Did you know…

Niels and Thibaud met us last year at the VTK internship fair. After talking to us, they decided to do their internship with us. And we are glad they did!

Are you also interested in doing an internship with us? Contact us or come and talk to us at the VTK internship fair on 27/11.


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