Our values

At Sirus, we attach great importance to some key aspects. We always take these values into account when building your IoT Platform and creating your data solutions.

IT architecture


We are always on the lookout for the newest technologies and software. By being part of the OASC board and having extensive partnerships with important key players on the market, we make sure to always be in line with the latest trends. Your city’s or business’s data will always be up to date with modern standards.



Our employees are no all-rounders, but are trained to become experts in specific domains. This allows our engineers to solve even your most complex problems.

Hands-on approach

Sirus always looks at what is best for your specific project. Does it require engineers to be seconded to your company or is it better to solve your problem project-based. We sit together and utilise your input to create the solution that is adapted to your needs.

Worldwide presence

Our dream is to create Smart Cities all over the world. By making local and international cities smarter, a world of endless data possibilities becomes available. This huge amount of data insights can help citizens globally to solve problems and gather solutions to get more out of their smart meters.


Focus on architecture

We at Sirus believe the foundation has to be right before problems can efficiently be solved. That’s why we have invested in becoming the expert in platform architecture. By developing your data platform from the start we make sure your solution remains efficient in the future.


We are hardware-independent. We work together with other partners so we can be the sole contact point for your project. This independence allows us to look for the perfect partner for your specific project.

Modern & human approach

Sirus supports a personal approach, towards our customers and our employees. We support the personal growth of our engineers and consider everyone’s input as equally important. This way, we like to create an open-minded working environment where everyone is free to follow their ambition and think together with our company.

IT architecture