Our values

At Sirus, we attach great importance to some key aspects. We always take these values into account when building your IoT Platform and creating your data solutions.


Technical excellence

Technisch uitmuntend

Within Sirus, we strive for technical excellence in everything we do. We provide our employees with all the necessary resources and encourage them to follow training courses to enhance their technical skills. As a result, our employees are experts in specific domains. This allows them to solve even the most complex problems. In line with this, quality is very important. Our employees will always look for ways to deliver the best quality in their work and are committed to doing so.

We are also continuously on the lookout for innovation by using the newest technologies and software. By having extensive partnerships with important key players on the market, we make sure to always be in line with the latest trends. Your city’s or business’s data will always be up to date with modern standards.



At Sirus, accessibility is key. We strive to create an open culture where everyone feels comfortable to express his or her opinions and ideas. Our employees feel part of a team and can easily approach each other for questions. As quoted by our CEO Gert: “We have a youth movement mentality”. Everyone listens to each other and really works together to solve issues. Our employees highly value respect and trust, resulting in a good collaboration.

We support the personal growth of our people and consider everyone’s input as equally important. This way, we like to create an open-minded working environment where everyone is free to follow their ambition and think together with our company. This also includes flexibility. Some employees can for example work from home to take care of an ill family member, or work less hours to follow a certain course.


Human approach

Zorgzame aanpak

For our customers, Sirus always looks at what is best for the specific project. Does it require engineers to be seconded to your company or is it better to solve your problem project based. We sit together and utilize your input to create the solution that is adapted to your needs because we don’t believe in only one solution for everyone. We are also flexible towards our customers. When more people are needed on a project, we do our absolute best to deploy an additional employee as soon as possible.