Our partners

Sirus has partnerships with important key players Fiware and MicrosoftThese partnerships help us to be in line with the latest trends and innovations. By collaborating with these organisations, we can get the resources necessary for your project and receive the opportunity to be the sole contact point for our clients. We make sure your business always in line with the OASC principles and follows the latest Microsoft trends. 

Microsoft partner


Fiware Foundation is a non-profit organisation promoting the dissemination of Fiware technology. Fiware aims to support the development of smart cities and smart industry businesses utilising The Internet of Things (IoT). Sirus has a Fiware certificate. This certificate acknowledges Sirus’ engineers as Fiware experts and gives us the components necessary so your city or business can reach the standards presented by OASC.


Sirus is a Microsoft gold partner in application development and integration. We have a long-lasting partnership with Microsoft, who gives us the technical tools we require. Collaborating with our Microsoft partner results in an extensive expertise in Microsoft solutions. This way, we can solve the complex Office 365.NET or Sharepoint problems your company is dealing with.


OASC is a European association helping cities implement the universal standards for data measuring. The organisation supports companies like Sirus so cities can effectively reach these standards. Sirus is a member of the OASC board which results in firsthand awareness of the latest technologies in Smart City development.

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