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Sam’s first month @ Sirus

November 19, 2020
Merelbeke - Sam Van Den Berge

October was my first month working at Sirus. In these extraordinary times, starting a new job is not so straight forward. Nonetheless, my first day got off to a great start. I went over some practical things with Patricia (my car, some paperwork, some Sirus goodies…) and got an overview of all current projects and who is working on them from Justien.

In the afternoon, we went to the Lummen office and I got to meet some colleagues from Sirus & Continuum.

The first 2 weeks I was able to work at the office. During that time I received a lot of information about the Generic Iot Platform and  the IOT setup at Digipolis Antwerp. Working together with a colleague on several topics allowed me to quickly learn ‘on the job’. Any questions that I had could be answered immediately. I’ve learned a lot of new things setting my first steps in the IOT world and was surprised by the capabilities of open source products such as Apache Kafka and Nifi.

Every month, there’s also ‘Sirus-time’. It’s an informal (virtual, what else?) meeting to highlight some projects and communicate news about the company. This meeting allowed everyone to join both in the office and at home to catch up on everything new.

On Friday 23/10 Jan and Christian gave an internal training for the entire Sirus team about Apache Kafka. The training started with an overview of Kafka and ended with a hands on exercise to set up Kafka and consume/produce messages.

These last weeks, the corona pandemic got worse and unfortunately – home working is again the rule. While less ideal, even remotely I am able to contact colleagues with any questions I have. And on top of that, I kicked of my 2nd project today – I will be combining my work at Digipolis Antwerp with the development of the 2nd application in the AppSuite of Hospital Logistics. 


All in all – an exciting first month and hopefully more exciting months to come. Keep you posted!


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