Sébastien’s spacecraft mission was a success at sirus

May 27, 2021

A great look back on my internship journey


Hi, my name is Sébastien and I am a master’s student in Business Administration majoring in IT and management at Ghent University, and I was given the opportunity to do my internship at Sirus for eleven weeks.

On my first day, I was warmly welcomed by Justien, given all the necessary information and a welcome package including a Sirus drink bottle and Sirus socks. After that the communication was through Gert and Justien.

Due to Covid-19, it wasn’t a normal period for an internship due to working mainly from home. Despite this Sirus did a lot to make it as pleasant as possible.

My internship focused mainly on the opportunities that the European Green Deal brought for Sirus. This concerned both possible projects for cities and companies as well as potential subsidies in Europe and Flanders that Sirus could maybe use.

In the beginning Gert gave me a whole list of existing terms, concepts, projects, and other explanations so that I could get acquainted with the issues that Sirus was dealing with. After that it was my turn to explore on my own and then bundle everything in a nice overview so Sirus could continue to use it after my departure.

The search for possible projects and subsidies was particularly time-consuming, because there was no ready-made answer. And on the other hand, it was fascinating because in the search I found many interesting websites for Sirus but also for myself which sparked my interest in the topic.

I hope that Gert can make good use of the overview and further enlarge his network, and I especially hope that through my research he finds an opportunity where Sirus can grow further.

And I will certainly not store away the colorful Sirus socks, they remain for me a memento of a very instructive period.

I want to thank Sirus and especially Gert and Justien for supporting me and encouraging me during my internship. You were open to questions and gave me feedback that I learned a lot from.



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