Sirus Hamburgers: Brecht’s POV

February 1, 2021

Every month, we organize competence centers. This brings the Sirus team closer together and allows for an open discussion on knowledge, the latest innovations, and simply a peer to peer discussion. Our last competence center evoked some thought …

Sirus Hamburgers: the Assignment

A burger restaurant selling burgers wants a system to quickly calculate the total price of an order:

  • A burger costs €3 euro
  • If 3 or up to 10 burgers are bought, then for every 3 burgers you get a free burger.
  • If over 11 burgers are bought a 50% discount is given.

=> Create a console project to calculate the total price.

Sirus Hamburgers – Brecht’s POV

Recently I could participate in my first competence center. We received a short, open assignment in advance. We could all prepare these separately at home so that we could compare our solutions during the meeting. You can find my solution on Github.

This sparked several discussions, even though the assignment was relatively limited. My specific takeaway of that session is that programming is a profession where the outcome mainly depends on the people who provide the solution. Good coordination with the customer is crucial to achieve a useful result that works best for that customer. Many mistakes arise from assumptions. Discussing openly with the team internally, positively influences the solution. If you only focus on your one project, you get a very narrow view and no outer perspective. This again can limit the result for your project and your customer.

It is also great to see how a solution can evolve across different versions to “better” code that is more in line with, for example, the SOLID principles and clean coding. It was inspiring to get to know more colleagues and to be able to talk to them about these concepts. There is a lot of knowledge available from which I can still learn a lot, and progress both on personal as well as professional skillset I am already looking forward to the next competence center that has been scheduled ‍🐱‍💻

Brecht Collen 

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