Smart cities

Does your city gather real-time data?

Cities are working strongly on measuring data all around the city. This data is measured with different vendors but is often not yet combined on one platform. That’s where Sirus comes in. We combine your data on one software platform.

Smart City Project
Smart City Project

Gain insights with the Smart City Store

Sirus transforms the different data streams from your city’s data solutions such as smart garbage bins, smart traffic lights and smart weather sensors on one platform. We call this platform the Smart City Store. All this data is translated into one universal standard language so cities and civilians can access and understand the data on this software platform and make correlations about it. Hence, cities can compare data from different services, generate new insights and make thorough decisions based on this data.

How do we create your Smart City Project?

We start by thinking about the ICT architecture before developing a platform through consultancy. We look at the totality of data streams a city has, which are unique to every city. One city can measure data about the air quality while the other is measuring data from parking spots, so no project is 100% the same. Different activities are possible once we have set up the software platform. We can onboard the traditional data streams, make visualisations of this data or make correlations about it. We also offer device management where we look at the devices on your platform, how old they are, where they are and what the maintenance of those devices entails.


The flow of a Smart City project

Smart City Project
Business process ideation
What does your city want to achieve? What data streams are useful? What needs to be measured? What insights have to be attained?
Smart City Project
Smart City Project
RFP & vendor selection
We look at what data streams exist. Additionally one of our senior architects can offer advice on what other data can be measured. We also assist in the search for the appropriate vendor and write RFP’s.
Smart City Project
Smart City Project
Innovation roadmap
Based on all gathered input, we look at the next steps and create a logical and achievable plan of action.
Smart City Project
Smart City Project
ICT architecture
We start by looking at the foundation: How are the data streams of your company organized? How can we combine all your data on one platform so the information is clear and ready to use? The architecture is adapted to the specific needs and set-up of your city.
Smart City Project
Smart City Project
Platform building
With this platform it is possible to measure and make data available for cities and their civilians. This way a city can understand, for example, the impact of a low emission zone in their city.
Smart City Project
It doesn’t matter what stage a city is in, we can offer support during every step of this journey. Ready to discover how your city can benefit from a Smart City implementation?

Some of our reference cases for the Smart City project

Here are some of our Smart City references. We worked on creating Smart Cities in Belgium, such as the Smart City of Antwerp, which we developed when IoT was still in its infancy, and the city of Ghent. But we also expand our reach and help set up Smart City platforms in Germany and Luxembourg.

Smart City Project Smart Company

Bruges city

Roeselare city

Ghent city

City of Antwerp

Leuven city

Genk city

City of Paderborn

Luxemburg City

Esch City

The advantages of choosing Sirus for your Smart City project