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Looking for an IoT solution for your supply company?

We can take charge of the supply chain, data capture and data integration for your company and deliver supply chain IoT. Sirus makes it possible for your company to follow products through a supply chain IoT that is integrated in a complete easy-to-use data system. This way you get an overview of the routes your products are covering and how to optimise this journey.

supply chain IOT

Efficient use of analytics

Sirus gives the necessary support when clients want to offer a more complex service to customers. We are there to help when the ICT architecture is more intricate and integration involves different domains, applications or services. We show you how to make optimal use of your data and how it should be combined on one platform. This way, your company can provide clients with advice based on your data about when to best use their smart meter to get optimal results. This method paves the way for an efficient use of analytics on the data of your company and your clients.

We are responsible for the architecture of your new data platform and we offer consultancy. We can manage entire projects in cooperation with diverse partners. We are completely hardware independent but are in close collaboration with partners who can deliver the appropriate hardware for your project.

On top of that, we have a partnership with Microsoft to look for the desired options to optimise your company’s project and data. These partnerships and collaborations allow us to be the sole contact point for the development of your entire project.

Our data platform architecture and consultancy

Our key focuses

How can we optimise your company’s performance?

We help companies by building the proper architecture for their platform. We think this is the most important part, the foundation has to be right before we can start building the appropriate platform. Buying a platform without thinking about the architecture often results in problems. For Sirus a qualitative platform architecture is essential. Our senior architects look at which components are important for the company and what foundation your company is built on.

We thoroughly think these aspects through to eventually begin building the platform. We look for vendors that would form a perfect fit with your company or work with your existing vendors. Then, we implement the data from those vendors and start building the platform. By doing so, data streams become optimised and your data becomes more intelligent.

The journey of setting up your platform

supply chain IOT
The client chooses their consumption model
All open source components like Escher, Prem, AWS, Amazon or Google are possible.
supply chain IOT
supply chain IOT
The initial set-up of the platform
A software platform is being implemented and all necessary data streams are onboarded.
supply chain IOT
supply chain IOT
There is a monthly fee for 24/7 support and maintenance of the platform. Updates and upgrades are included in this subscription.
supply chain IOT
It doesn’t matter what stage your company is in, we can offer support during every step of this IoT journey. Ready to discover how your company can benefit from a supply chain IoT solution?