Why work at Sirus?

Sirus is a small but innovative company with specific expertise in IoT and Smart City projects. We support team spirit and don’t like hierarchy and distance in a company. We apply an open door policy and support the optimal work-life balance for our employees. Sirus is looking for people to support our projects as well as people who work on behalf of Sirus at a client for a temporary assignment. We put a lot of importance on growth possibilities and learning opportunities for our engineers. Our way of working results in long-lasting relationships which define the success of our business.

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We apply a human approach

Sirus does not possess a hierarchical structure but rather a horizontal one. We try to create the optimal work-life balance and always hold it into account that people do not have to work far away from home.

We stimulate personal growth in your software job

People can follow a lot of trainings at Sirus to stimulate their personal growth and reach their full potential. We make the difference by sharing knowledge, working community-driven and helping employees on their growth path. When employees gain different certificates, they are positively rewarded because we focus on you and your capacities.

People first is more important than anything else at Sirus

We allow you to learn from experts in the field

Sirus’ CEO is a living encyclopaedia whose door is always open. Ambitious engineers can participate in our growth project and work together with Gert De Tant, our CEO, and other senior engineers.

We challenge you and make you gain real experiences

We want you to learn and grow. We want you to get the most out of your capacities. We encourage you to follow further training, to gain certificates and to think together with the company. We want you to become an expert in the field who can work independently and pass on what you learned to our customers. That way we want you to reach your full potential.

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We create an innovative environment

Sirus is the frontrunner in Smart City projects and IoT. These projects create an innovative environment where employees can pave the way for a new future for companies and cities.

We possess a broad client portfolio

We have built up extensive experience in working with companies and cities. Working at Sirus enables you to gain international experience since we work with cities and companies in Belgium and abroad.

We support team spirit

Each month we organise a competence meeting. In these meetings we talk about a book that somebody has read, about healthy food… We order pizza and create a relaxed atmosphere. People who are fulltime outsourced to a client can bond with Sirus and its employees so they don’t lose their feeling with our company. Consultants like the variety between the corporate feeling at their client’s company and the start-up feeling at Sirus. 

We have a flexible mindset

We don’t believe in a 9 to 5 mentality but want our people to be flexible. With three offices you can have a software job close to home. We are looking for people who like the variety between working at the office and working at home, but who are also resilient to visit clients in Brussels and Antwerp for example. Our people work at the Sirus office or are outsourced to a client. When you want to switch from working for a client to working on projects, we always look at the possibilities.

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