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Techorama 2022: the key takeaways of our developers

June 21, 2022

Techorama 2022 – which took place from the 24th till the 25th of May – was the first big IT-conference in the last 2 years. Our developers were happy to see that Techorama keeps raising the bar of expectations. “From the moment we entered the conference, we were immersed in the Las Vegas vibe with the corresponding theme song ‘Viva Las Vegas’. Slot machines, card games and casino games were all over the place.”

And the efforts to create a Las Vegas in Kinepolis Antwerp clearly worked. “At every partner booth you could earn a poker chip and after having earned five different poker chips you could give the wheel of fortune a spin in pursuit of some amazing prices. The LEGO sets were definitely part of the most wanted prizes, but the most remarkable set was undoubtedly the NASA Space Shuttle Discovery that you could win at our Sirus booth.”

Apart from several inspiring sessions, Techorama makes it possible to reconnect with ex-colleagues and rekindle old memories together. “Plus, we may have met some possibly new colleagues as well.”

Techorama 2022 banner

The key takeaways of our developers

1. Better architecture without architects
2. Automating Database Deployments using Azure DevOps
3. Message processing failed! But what’s the root cause?
4. .NET MAUI: The upcoming solution from Microsoft to fix cross platform (native) development
5. C#11: The development of new language features is still going fast
Techorama 2022 , Jochen and Sofie
6. GitHub actions
7. Tailwind CSS
8. Intelligent Automation in your supply chain
9. Rust programming language gains in popularity
10. Abstraction depends on your perspective

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