Techorama 2023

Techorama 2023: an exciting journey in a technological jungle

July 7, 2023

Valentin’s Experience

A few days ago, I had the privilege of attending Techorama 2023. This two-day event took place at Kinepolis Antwerp, and to my delight, several of my colleagues were also present. This year’s theme was “jungle,” which perfectly matched the vibrant atmosphere of my first experience. The diversity of animations and activities was simply amazing.

A wide range of sessions

It was not always easy to determine the best strategy to navigate in this maze of sessions. Should I rely on the titles and descriptions of the sessions? Should I put my faith in the speakers? Or should I explore familiar topics to delve deeper, even though there was a risk of it becoming boring at times? Ultimately, I chose a mix of all these approaches. During these two days at Techorama, I decided to explore a wide range of topics: front-end sessions such as building modular mobile apps with Flutter and creating Progressive Web Apps (PWA), sessions on IoT, AI, and ML, such as tracking airplanes with Redis, using Azure’s open AI, and discovering Azure Digital Twins, as well as sessions on security, such as Microsoft Sentinel, Managed Identity, and Security Automation. Not to mention the more classic sessions on general development, such as developing in the cloud with dev containers and automated code with code generators.

Techorama 2023

Networking with colleagues

By exploring a wide variety of topics, I was sometimes overwhelmed by all the information. But the most important thing was to follow my own interests and stay alert in order to learn as much as possible. In addition to the sessions, I also enjoyed the opportunity to network with colleagues I didn’t know well and strengthen our professional connections. I was also proud to work for Sirus, as our booth attracted a lot of attention from participants because of our engaging activities, our trip to NASA, and our Lego contest.

An exciting journey in a technological jungle

In summary, Techorama 2023 was an exciting experience in the technological jungle. I was able to discover a wealth of topics, learn from inspiring professionals, and bond with my colleagues. This event not only helped me broaden my knowledge but also immersed me in a vibrant and stimulating atmosphere.


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