Techorama 2023 presentation

The key takeaways from our developers at Techorama 2023

July 7, 2023

In spring, IT professionals gather at Kinepolis Antwerp for two days filled with interesting talks, networking with fellow IT experts, and delightful catering. Techorama is known for its quality, which is reflected in the speakers, the top-notch food, and the people in attendance. Naturally, Sirus couldn’t miss out on this event. We were present with an impressive booth where attendees could learn all about us and our trip to NASA. We even organized a competition to win a LEGO Apollo rocket at our booth!

Many of the Sirus colleagues were present at Techorama and with numerous simultaneous talks, everyone could customize their own experience. Several key themes stood out among the attendees.

We were all inspired by both the sessions as well as the interesting conversations with fellow IT professionals. The latest hype – open AI – was a prominent topic in various talks. Additionally, there were several sessions on Big Data, as well as the classic sessions on what’s new in the next version of C#, which attracted a large audience.


Looking back at one of the sessions: Data Mesh in Azure

A data mesh is a decentralized data architecture that organizes data by a specific business domain—for example, marketing, sales, customer service, and more—providing more ownership to the producers of a given dataset.  (bron:

Important takeaways from this session: 

  • Decentralized domain ownership: the data must be owned by the people who understand the domain, instead of one data team managing all the data of all the domains. 
  • Federated computational governance: the data governance standards are defined centrally, but the domain teams have the autonomy to meet these standards for their own domain. 
  • Data as a product: treat data the same way as we treat a software product. 
  • Data and code as one unit: data should not be considered as a by-product of code, but it should be seen and managed as one unit. 

Even though the sessions were interesting, we did notice that they were very accessible. If you were already knowledgeable about a topic, you might have felt a bit unsatisfied. Hopefully, in the future, there will be room for more in-depth sessions. We strive to apply the knowledge we gained in our daily work and look forward to being inspired again in 2024!

Key takeaways from Techorama:

  • Interesting and accessible sessions
  • Positive and connecting atmosphere
  • Well-catered
  • Space for more in-depth sessions

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