The planet Sirus welcomes a new astronaut.

September 3, 2021

Sirus welcomes Jens Rappé new to our crew.

We put the month of September to good use. Sirus welcomes Jens Rappé to our team. Jens will take on the role of project manager for smart cities projects and so much more. In the future he will mainly focus on the whole smart cities story within Sirus. His mission will therefore be to further develop this great concept. In the past he has gained several years of experience in project management within the IT sector, but also analysis is not unknown to him. This combination makes him the perfect asset to our planet.

How did he end up on planet Sirus?

Jens Sirus already knew quite a few colleagues within the company, including the CEO Gert de Tant. In the past he has worked with several people within the team. That makes it very pleasant if you already know a large part of our crew of course. But the attraction for our planet was not only within the team. Our innovative and renewed company working on IoT and all smart cities projects were for him the perfect challenge he needed.

What does our Sirusser like to do outside his worktime?

Actually, that is a very easy question for Jens. There is one obvious answer: Basketball. He himself says that he has 3 hobbies, namely; basketball, basketball and … basketball. He has many years of experience in the sport and is currently on the board of his basketball team. The passion for basketball is certainly not unknown in his family. His 3 sons are also playing for Avanti Brugge. We can already imagine the atmosphere when the team wins a match!

Besides basketball, he can also enjoy a pleasant evening at a restaurant or cafe. This is best done with an accompanying blond beer. This brings us to his absolute guilty pleasures; “a good Duvel” and basketball of course, but we already knew that.


Personally, Jens maintains the motto;

               – Work hard, play hard! –


This is the perfect approach with us on board. We welcome him with open arms and want to wish him lots of success on this space journey on behalf of the whole Sirus team.

Want to be part of the Sirus planet: we are hiring more talent. Take a look at our careers page.


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