The Sirus Sporty Summer

July 1, 2021
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The Sirus Sporty Summer Strava challenge.

This summer we are taking on our challenge with all of the Sirus members. We are going to commit ourselves to exercising 33 hours each. This will make a total achievement of 1000 hours spread over 2 months. This should certainly succeed if you know that there are a few top athletes on the team who are used to exercising this much. For those who are not so used to working out, it is still a fun challenge to push your limits and see what you can achieve.

What’s in it for us if we succeed in the challenge?

Of course it is a nice personal achievement if you complete the challenge. And even though your personal gain is a big win for us and for you, there’s also a common goal. Because, shouldn’t there be something in return? If we achieve the 1000 hours of working out together and each of us has exercised for at least 33 hours of exercise, our CEO Gert De Tant is going to deliver something in return. And not just any “quid pro quo”. What our CEO will have to do will be determined by the entire Sirus team at the next team event. We will definitely make it memorable!

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