World Day for Safety and Health at work: the work of our prevention advisor Sofie

April 28, 2023

Who is Sofie?

Sofie studied Applied Computer Sciences and with several years of experience under her belt, she landed on Planet Sirus in 2021 to become our driven and enthusiastic HR & Office Assistant. When she started working here, it was obvious that she would be perfect for the role of prevention advisor as well. She participated in a very interesting and interactive course, given by IDEWE – an external service for prevention and protection at work. Attending this course and interacting with people from different industries, broadened her perspective on e.g. safety and both the mental and physical health of employees.


Because of her daily presence at the workplace, she quickly sees the needs of the employees and areas of improvement in the workplace and responds to them as quickly as possible. Every consecutive year, she will attend the refreshment class on a specific topic in order to stay up to date.

Initiatives at the office

A few initiatives Sofie has undertaken together with the management:

Teambuilding 2021

Some initiatives are challenging but that doesn’t scare Sofie to go for it! She is constantly looking for more initiatives to keep the employees safe and healthy. Especially because we all know how important our safety, mental and physical health is. We are grateful she became a part of Sirus and we couldn’t wish for a better person to take care of us.

Thank you Sofie!

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