Smart City Project: The City of Paderborn

Paderborn stands out as a growing university city and IT location with a strong economy. The creation of affordable housing, the maintenance and development of attractive urban neighbourhoods, dealing with increased mobility and the great opportunity of regenerative energy production in the region are central topics for this large city in the rural area. Because of these challenges, Paderborn can benefit substantially from the Smart City program and can serve as a model for urban development challenges throughout Germany.


What was needed?

Whether statistics, map services or measurement data –  the City of Paderborn wanted all of its citizens to be able to view and use the various public data sets of the city. And so the City of Paderborn asked Sirus to set up an Open Data Portal and Cockpit, including visualisation and a workflow for demanding data records.


How the city of Paderborn is becoming smarter

In the future, the central open data platform will be the hub for all publicly accessible data of the city of Paderborn. Different data sets will be made available here and can also be specifically requested by citizens. Existing data will be enriched with additional data obtained by means of sensor technology, such as water level data of the Pader river.

All of the data on this platform will form a digital map of the city and will be used there for visualising planning measures in the form of simulations. In this way, for example, changed traffic flows of possible planning alternatives (e.g., commercial area or residential area) can be represented and illustrated. In addition, citizens can see a visual representation of how a neighbourhood will look in its final stage of development and how possible planning alternatives will affect the cityscape.

Based on the data on this platform, applications can be developed by both the city and interested citizens that enable added value for the city of Paderborn and its residents. Further concrete applications are already planned by the city of Paderborn in the areas of citizen cooperation, security, tourism, environment and traffic.

What Sirus provided

Sirus built the Open Data Platform for the city of Paderborn fully on Open Source components. It is interoperable with other platforms and can be harvested by other portals like the NRW portal of the state.

Furthermore, the portal is made up of several different components:

and was integrated into the data platform by Sirus made up of several components:

Different data and services on the Open Data Platform are offered via open interfaces. This open design means that all data formats and data pools can be managed and made available centrally on the platform. All municipal data can be bundled here across offices to provide citizens with a central point of contact. This structured platform helps the Smart Cities of the future reach their innovative goals.

Sirus team at office

What data can you find on Paderborn’s Smart City Platform

On the platform citizens can find information about the inhabitants of the city, education and science, geographical data, information about laws and justice, administration, budget and taxes and much more. By combining all of this data on one platform, people don’t need to navigate through five different websites but can find all the necessary information right there and then. It has become the go-to platform for information about Paderborn.

The first data sets on the central Open Data platform are expected to be made available to the public in the third quarter of 2021. The data sets and services on the platform will be gradually expanded with the participation of citizens.

Smart City Project

Smart City Project

At Sirus, innovation is at our core. We strive to help build the smart cities of the future, and Paderborn City is now part of this innovative future. We are proud to be a part of this collaboration, and if you are to – be sure to follow us on LinkedIn for updates!

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