Power Platform

Looking for a low-code platform?

Microsoft Power Platform is an easy to use low-code platform. It consists of Power BI, Power Apps, Power Pages, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents. Users can easily gain more insights about their data and build solutions for their business challenges.

Power Platform is designed to empower organizations to create custom solutions for their business. The platform integrates low-code solutions with Microsoft cloud services like Azure and Microsoft 365 and other third-party services, but also with on-premises data using custom connectors.

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What's included?

Power BI

Make informed and confident business decisions using dashboards

Power BI is a data visualization tool. Users can create dashboards to gather insights into the diverse data streams of their company.

Power Apps

Turn ideas into solutions by building custom apps

With Power Apps, everyone in your organization can rapidly build and share low-code apps. It has a user-friendly interface with prebuilt templates and drag-and-drop simplicities. 

Power Pages

Quickly build low-code business websites

Power Pages allows you to quickly build external business websites. Everyone in your organization can design websites where no coding is required. 

Power Automate

Giving everyone the ability to automate organizational processes

In Power Automate it is easy to create automation flows from repetitive tasks with pre-built connectors, templates and AI assistance. Processes, individual tasks, even entire workflows, can be streamlined with no-code automation.

Power Virtual Agents

Easily build chatbots to engage conversationally with your customers

Intelligent bots can be built within minutes to increase the response time to the customer. The bots can use Power Automate to complete actions.

Advantages of using Microsoft Power Platform?

Why choose Sirus for your Power Platform challenges?

Convinced to work with us for your Power Platform project?

Holistic perspective

Considering there are many possibilities on the Power Platform, our approach begins with applying a holistic perspective. For each client, we watch and see which solution should be used, based on their needs and based on the target segment. When the Power Platform offers the best solution, we set up a roadmap to map out the current situation, where we want to go and how we will achieve this.

Getting your licensing together

Depending on the resources used within the Power Platform solution, different license plans can be required for the solution to work and be legally compliant. Knowing which licensing you need in certain scenarios can be complex. We help you when it comes to licensing and work out the best licensing strategy together. We guide you in your journey to explore the different options of the Power Platform and help you become an expert.

Hybrid integration with on-premises environments

We help you to integrate the low-code solutions with Microsoft cloud services and other third-party tools, but we can also help to connect with an on-premises environment. Sirus is experienced in setting up hybrid integrations with on-premises data gateways. This allows the Power Platform solutions to securely get access to on-premises resources. As a best practice, we first work in a test environment to ensure that we provide our solutions in a safe and performant way.

Convinced to work with us for your Power Platform project?

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