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Here are some of our Smart City & Smart Company references. We are extremely proud of what we accomplished for these Smart Cities and Companies. They are all ready to transform into a more innovative version of themselves. Being a Smart City means investing in innovative solutions, gathering insights from smart data devices and giving access to citizens in order to do something with this data. A Smart City continues to learn, adapt, innovate and work together with all of its civilians in order to create the city of the future. Smart Companies have the same goal: innovate and adapt to their customers needs in order to make their business more accessible and future-proof!

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Hospital Logistics

Smart Company Project: Hospital Logistics Hospital Logistics ensures that healthcare institutions can focus on their core task of administering care...


A Smart Cities project: ODALA Collaborative, Secure, and Replicable Open Source Data Lakes for Smart Cities (ODALA)  ODALA is a strategic...

City of Paderborn

Smart City Project highlight: The City of Paderborn Paderborn stands out as a growing university city and IT location with...

City of Antwerp

A Smart Cities case: city of Antwerp Our Smart Cities Belgium project was piloted by the city of Antwerp. We...