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Here are some of our Smart City & Smart Company references. We are extremely proud of what we accomplished for these Smart Cities and Companies. They are all ready to transform into a more innovative version of themselves. Being a Smart City means investing in innovative solutions, gathering insights from smart data devices and giving access to citizens in order to do something with this data. A Smart City continues to learn, adapt, innovate and work together with all of its civilians in order to create the city of the future. Smart Companies have the same goal: innovate and adapt to their customers needs in order to make their business more accessible and future-proof!

Smart City Project Smart Company

Bruges city

Roeselare city

Ghent city

City of Antwerp

Leuven city

Genk city

City of Paderborn

Luxemburg City

Esch City

Smart Company


Sirus collaborates with Belgium’s Internal Affairs on Smartborders, employing cutting-edge tech for Schengen zone border management.
Smart Company

Belgium banking institution

A big international banking group with branches in Belgium. The Belgium banking institution is the client of this case.
Smart Company


District09 is the ICT-partner of the city of Ghent, who is providing a reliable, stable and secure ICT-environment. We made an application for them.
Smart Company


One of Constructiv’s objectives is to support individuals, allow their talents to grow and provide them with the necessary requirements to find their way in the industry.
Smart Company

Hospital Logistics

Hospital Logistics asked for an application that facilitates the ordering process of products. Healthcare workers have to be able to easily and quickly replenish their department’s stock of consumable goods (e.g. syringes, masks, gloves…).