Smart City Project: ODALA

Collaborative, Secure, and Replicable Open Source Data Lakes for Smart Cities (ODALA)

ODALA is a strategic European project that was launched in September of 2020. It is a collaboration between European cities, different private companies and research institutes and the goal is to improve data management and sharing between cities and regions. Basically, ODALA is an initiative that aims to facilitate decision making in public administrations.


What was the goal?

The purpose of the project is to adopt the European Union Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI), also known as CEF (Connecting European Facilities) Building Blocks. These reinforce the concept that all cities, companies, entities will be able to openly connect and share data. In conclusion: the digital single market.

One of the goals of the ODALA project is to set up a data lake - an environment that will help cities connect all kinds of data sources cross departments and cities.

The ODALA project “Collaborative, Secure, and Replicable Open Source Data Lakes for Smart Cities” was born, co-financed by the European Commission with a budget of 2,3 million euros until 2022. And Sirus is taking its part in it! (find the German press release right here). But not just Sirus alone. In addition to the consortium, we will be collaborating with OASCImecFiwareAgentschap Informatie VlaanderenCity of Kiel (Germany, Coordinator), NEC Laboratories Europe (Germany), City of Heidelberg (Germany), City of Cartagena (Spain), City of Saint-Quentin (France), Faubourg Numérique (France), HOP Ubiquitous (Spain), Digipolis Antwerp (Belgium), Vero City (Germany) and Contrasec (Finland). 

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ODALA consortium
Smart City Project

Smart City Project

At Sirus, innovation is at our core.We strive to help build the smart cities of the future, and a project like ODALA is essential to enable this kind of innovation for cities. We are proud to be a part of this collaboration, and if you are to – be sure to follow us on LinkedIn for updates!

Interested to be a part of projects like the Smart City Project for ODOLA? Learn more about Sirus’ Smart City Approach and don’t hesitate to take a look at our careers page!