Setting up the Sirus NGSI-LD Context Broker

  1. Download the Azure NGSI-LD Context Broker in the Azure Marketplace.
  2. Follow the different steps for setting up the NGSI-LD Context Broker (make sure you have the necessary rights in your Azure environment).
  3. After setting up the Context Broker, you can test it via You will need to change REPLACEBYAPPNAME by the prefix you filled in during the installation of the Context Broker.
  4. Wait a few minutes. The first action you send to the URL will take a bit longer since the application is launched for the first time.
  5. Adding your first entity. To install your first entity, follow these steps. You can use a tool for interaction with Rest APIs like Postman:
    "id": "urn:ngsi-ld:Test:001",
    "type": "AirQualityObserved",
    "humidity": {
        "value": 54.45487144274052,
        "observedAt": "2021-06-08T10:02:21Z",
        "type": "Property"
    "temperature": {
        "value": 19.309529259174482,
        "observedAt": "2021-06-08T10:02:21Z",
        "type": "Property"
    "@context": [


   6. To retrieve the previously created entity:

    • http request GET: urn:ngsi-ld:Test:001
    • header: ‘Accept: application/ld+json’
    • header: ‘Link: <>; rel=””; type=”application/ld+json”‘

Or contact us for a tailor-made service to set up the Context Broker for your company.