Open & Agile Smart Cities

OASC, Open & Agile Smart Cities, is a European association helping cities implement the universal standards for data measuring. They support companies like Sirus so cities can effectively reach these standards.

Microsoft partner, OASC
Sirus at the office

OASC compliancy

All data is encrypted in different data languages so Europe decided that all this data needs to be unified in one universal standard language. Sirus makes that possible. On our City Store platform we translate your data in the correct universal standard NGSI-LD. By doing so, all data is OASC-compliant and can easily be compared. OASC defines the technical requirements your city’s platform needs to adopt and Sirus makes sure your platform is compliant with these norms.

Gert De Tant, lead Open & Agile Smart Cities architect

On top of this, Gert De Tant, CEO of Sirus, is one of the lead architects at OASC, that way Sirus always has firsthand information. We are always aware of the latest news about new standards, what best to implement, what technology is available on the market and what solutions will transform the future. This expertise helps your city to always be in line with European demands. Our membership of OASC creates a large network and makes Sirus a credible and trustworthy partner for your city.


A worldwide network

Today OASC is linked to 170 cities, which include Paris, Tokyo and London. By 2023, more than 2000 cities will most likely follow the OASC principles and be OASC compliant. We can help you become one of these 2000 and be in line with European principles.